A handsome young man sprints through a busy street, and the black SUV is chasing him. Viewer can see, that he is exhausted. Men in the car are dressed in black with sunglasses on. They are dressed like they were mafia members. Suddenly, main character sharp turns into the alley. When the camera moves, the man stops for a second, gazing on a beautiful sports car. Mafia guys park their car behind a young man. Gangsters go out of the car muttering curses, until they see this beautiful car. Now we have a situation, where bad guys and protagonist stands with their mouths wide open. When the mafia boss sighs, main character yells at them, and starts running towards the car. 

Antagonists start screaming at each other, and enter their car in big rush. Then we have some gorgeous camera shots of the car driving really rapidly, breaking all the traffic rules. Young man finally loses the black SUV. Then, we have a shot where main character stands by the sportscar on a hill overlooking the city, staring at the sunset, sometimes gazing at the car. Then the slogan “With this car, you can solve all your problems” and the logo of the company appears.