The Revenant is a drama 2015 western/drama based on a book, with the same title, written by Michael Punke and a legend of Hugh Glass. The whole idea of making a movie of a book was invented by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu 

The plots start in 1823, when 36years old Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes a part of a Rocky Mountains fur company. Hugh with his new friends starts a journey through the virgin lands of America. One day hunting, a grizzly bear attack, hurting Glass badly. Hugh’s friend, John Fitzgerald, a cruel mercenary, after attack of Indian tribe abandons Glass and leaves him for certain death. Furious and hurt protagonist, promises himself, that he will survive and revenge on Fitzgerald 

Script of the movie is brilliant. It shows how rough nature can be, and how much suffering can man bear. Film is based on two feelings. Hate, and lust for revenge, and that is how the western should be. Moreover, the way how director made actors show their feelings in amazing too. Film shows us many close-ups of faces, so we can clearly see every emotion, even the smallest. Another thing that made me love this movie is fight scenes. Especially, the scene with an attack of the bear. It is very realistic. We can feel lost in them. Everything is so fast. Dynamic moves of camera, blood, screams, and roars, makes them so rough and brutal, but at the same time, they are natural.  

To sum up, if you have not seen the revenant, you really should. Shots are beautiful. Play is amazingly natural. The whole film is hard and rough, throughout the fact, that the history is slowly developing.