Once upon time there was a huge town in the north part of Europe. There was a square in the city and on this it there was an amazing statue. It presented the Happy Prince. The statue was really beautiful and made of gold. The inhabitants of this city were proud to have the statue on the main market. Next to the river used to live two birds named Little Swallow and Reed. Reed really wanted to go with Swallow to Egypt, but Swallow couldn't take Reed. It had to leave Reed and fly to the south.

While Swallow was flying to the south, it saw Happy Prince statue. Swallow was very tired and decided to take a nap. While Swallow was sleeping, Prince began to cry. Swallow was curious why such a beautiful statue cried, so the bird asked Prince about the reason. Happy Prince was in fact very sad, but when he was alive, he wasn't sad.

The statue told Swallow about the past. As Swallow was a very softhearted bird, it wanted to help Prince. Happy Prince was in fact unhappy, because he saw a lot of the misery. Little Swallow really wanted to help Prince, but it should go to Egypt. The Happy Prince's story was really sad. At first, Prince tired to help a poor woman. She had a very ill son and he wanted to have some oranges. However, the weather wasn't good. It was very cold and windy, so Swallow had to go to Egypt. When the bird opened its wings, Prince seemed to be very sad so Swallow decided to stay with Prince one more night, so Prince was happier. Little Swallow pulled out all the rubies from Prince's sword. Prince liked this idea, so Swallow gave them this poor woman. The boy was given the oranges and then he felt better. Swallow came back to the statue and sat at Prince's feet. It smiled and told Prince everything it did. The Swallow felt strange. However, swallow was cold, but it shouldn't be cold, because birds didn't feel cold. Prince told it that Swallow shouldn't feel cold, because he did a lot of good things. But the bird was so tired and it put its head under the wing and fell asleep.

The next day they were happy. Little Swallow met the sparrows and they ware very surprised that Swallow hadn't leave the country and fly to Egypt. So did every other swallow. When Swallow came back, Prince was still unhappy. Prince insisted on swallow to stay one more night. Prince told Swallow about a poor young man he saw that day. Prince decided to help the man. That man had no money and suffered hunger. So Swallow had to stay in the city the night more. Swallow pulled out the sapphire from Prince's eye. Prince was glad. The bird took it to the young man. The bird left the sapphire in the man's room and came back to Prince.

The other day Prince tried to help a poor little girl, but Swallow really had to fly to Egypt. So the bird pulled out the second Prince's eye and gave the huge sapphire to the little girl. This girl was very glad and she came back home.

Unfortunately, Prince became blind, so Little Swallow realized that he had to stay with Prince forever. In fact they became real good friends. Swallow told Prince a lot of amazing stories about Egypt. There were a lot of poor people in the town and they needed help. The little bird took the gold left from Prince's body and he gave away the poor people in need. Unfortunately, the days became colder and colder. What is more, Prince's gold gradually disappeared. Swallow was very cold. It kissed Prince for goodbye and died. Then the Mayor was walking through the square and he noticed the poor statue and the dead bird. Mayor decided to destroy it. The next day street cleaners took the bird to the landfill site. They also took the statue to a foundry to destroy it. However the Prince's heart didn't want to melt in the foundry's furnace.

The God didn't agree to destroy these precious people. An angel was sent to the city and he had to take the Prince's heart and the dead poor Swallow. God decided to keep Happy Prince and Swallow in his garden forever.