The idea of roundness is connected with human body's shape, especially with the female body. At first Nettie wrote that she used to live in the round cottage made of mud. Shug also wanted to possess a round house, but claimed that some people thought the idea as "backward". To experience the roundness, Shug used to sleep in a circular bed. Moreover, she designed her own round house, which was made of concrete or mud. She wrote that everyone advised her against building such a house and told not to arrange windows in such a round house. Her opinion was similar to the idea of Nettie about the roundness. The idea of using the mud in the hut's building comes from the biblical story of creating people form the mud. Windows are important part of every house, through them we can see the world outside. In this way, the round cottage made of mud may be a kind of barrier between the people and world outside. The concept of windows is connected to the desire to be clearly understood and gain the understanding.