The person who I greatly admire is my parent's friend - Kate. She is a doctor and since my childhood she has always fascinated me, especially because of her job.

Kate is in her mid-fifties. She has long curly hair and blue eyes. She always keeps smiling and that is why so many children like her very much. She is also slim and although she is quite old, she still looks attractive.

As far as I know from my parents' stories, Kate's dream had always been to be a doctor and she fulfilled it. Now she is very successful in her profession. In her job Kate must be very calm and responsible. Every day she faces different illnesses and she has to be very strong physically. What I admire most in her character, and I think it is a great advantage, is the fact that she helps people everyday and it brings her a lot of happiness. I also look up to Kate, because she is extremely tidy and it is important in her job.

Her greatest success is that she was the first person in Poland to perform a very complicated operation. All in all, I am very lucky that I know such a wonderful person, and she is the one that I admire a lot.