I would like to consider the modern problem which is the fact that the family ties are getting weaker and they seem to completely disappear. It is said that family relations have changed recently.

Firstly, I would like to present the role of family in everyone's life in the past. Couple years ago the family seem to the most important thing. Often three generations lived together under the same roof and it was quite normal. A father was the authority and he provided for the family, whereas a wife took care about the children and house. The oldest generation was consisted of grandparents who also contributed to the family life. Often the house where everybody lived belonged to grandparents. Everybody had a great respect for grandparents and set an example. Today the situation is different.

Modern young people decided to leave their family houses very early. They move to other cities to study or go abroad to find a job. Many times family ties are getting weaker in this way. For young people family isn't so important. The relations among family members are gradually disappearing, because young people become independent earlier. They try to arrange their own lives alone. Moreover, sometimes the distance between their home towns and the place of residence is too long to cover every weekend.

What is more, modern parents often have to work for many hours a day, so they neglect their children, even if they don't really want to do. Children stay at home alone and must take care about themselves. Unfortunately, modern family doesn't spend a lot of time together. Everybody has own problems and they have to deal with them alone.

As we probably know there are very few families whose members are joined with very strong ties. Today young people leave their family home as soon as possible to become independent. However, I believe that there are still some families who take pleasure in living together. Unfortunately, I think that the number of such families is getting lower. The situation won't probably change. Family ties are supposed to disappear…