Numer of surveyed: 20

  1. Do you eat healthy?
  2. How many time a day do you eat?
  3. Do you eat a lot of vegetables?
  4. Do you eat a lot of fruits?
  5. Do you use dietary supplements?
  6. Are you happy with your weight?
  7. Do you suffer from overweight or underweight?
  8. Do you practice any sport?
  9. Do you lead sitting way of living?
  10. Do you want to change your eating habits?

An analysis of lifestyle my neighbors

The purpose of this report is to present how nourish inhabitant of Przeczyce. Turning to the first question, just under 25% said they eat healthy. The remaining surveyed don’t eat every day at the same time. They said that they aren’t interested in good nutrition and they haven’t time, because they work long. Well under a quarter of my neighbors answered the second question: two meals, whereas three meal  per day eat approximately a half of the polled. Nearly all people in my country eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Well over a quarter  of the surveyed replied that they use dietary supplements. It’s good score. Question number 6 was difficult for some people. A bit less than 90% answered NO. It’s horrible. About a fifth of the polled admitted to overweight. No one suffer from underweight. Running practice just over 10% of my neighbor. Moving on to ninth question about way of living, well over three quarters of the surveyed lead sedentary lifestyle. Turning to the final question, a lot less than half of inhabitant of Przeczyce wanted to change their eating habits.

In conclusion, a lot of people must change their lifestyle, because bad nutrition lead to diseases for instance diabetes.