We can often hear people who say that money should not be the most important thing in our lives. That family and friendship with other people are more important. Are they correct?

Life without money in our world could be very difficult. However, some people forget that even if the money is necessary, they are not most important. The people who have large sums of money sometimes are depressed and unhappy. They spend so much time earning money that they do not have time for their friends and small pleasures of life. They do not know if their friends are true friends or if they only like their money. Do not get me wrong, I would like to have money but I believe that there are other things that should be put before the money. Why people gather money? They do it because they are uncertain what the future will bring. They may become ill and they will need money to pay for medicaments and the health care. If we have much money we can go to the best hospital and buy the best medicaments. When we have money we can go on expensive holidays and see the world. We can buy many things for ourselves, for friends, family and to our home. However, there are things that money just cannot buy. It is the most marvellous thing on this world and we cannot just pay and have it. Love needs a long time to develop and many various feeling are involved in creation of it. For example: confidence, sensitivity, and devotion. If somebody falls in love he or she is the happiest person on the planet. The world seems to be good and full of colours. Everything seems to be easy to achieve and the heart grows fonder.

To sum up: it is possible to buy material things with money but only them. They make us happy only for a short period of time. They cannot provide us with love and friendship. Anybody who wants to be really happy should take care of those feelings.