The story about Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare. The story is very beautiful and tells about the sincere love. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century people used to say: "I love you", but I think that some of them don't even understand the meaning of these words. Romeo and Juliet loved each other. They couldn't live without each other. This story is very sad and it ends tragically. I hope that Romeo and Juliet will join together after their death. However, the end is very romantic.

Two families: the Capulets and the Montagues lived in Verona. These two families fought each other. Rome, who belonged to the Montagues family, took part in the ball in Capulets house. There he saw Juliet - Capulet's daughter. They fell in love at first sight.

When the party was over, she stood on her balcony and talked to Romeo about love. He was hidden in the bushes not to being seen by anybody. He carefully listened to Julia and then Romeo asked her to marry him. The next day Juliet agreed to marry him.

Romeo and Juliet decided to marry in secret. The priest who married them was Friar Laurence. Soon after the ceremony Tybalt, who was Juliet's cousin, called Romeo to the duel. At first, Romeo avoided fighting with him. Romeo was aware that he would fight with the relative. During the duel Tybalt was very cruel. He managed to kill Romeo's friend named Mauricio, so Romeo had to avenge his friend's death and killed Tybalt.

Then Romeo had to leave the town as soon as possible. At the same time Juliet's father told her that she would marry another man. Juliet was depressed. Together with Friar Laurence undertook a plan. They agreed that she would pretend to commit suicide. Then the priest would take her body and put it the safety place where Romeo should join her. However, Romeo didn't know that Juliet was pretending to be dead and he was upset found her lying and looking like a dead person. Without thinking he poisoned himself. Then Juliet woke up and unfortunately she saw Romeo dead. She plunged his knife in her heart.

These both families were very sad and after that event they became reconciled.