Life without money seems to be impossible. How could we buy things? We would have to barter, like in ancient times. However, we often forget that money is only a mean, not a target. Moreover, there are things that cannot be bought. "Money can't buy me love" as The Beatles sang. Also friends and family cannot be bought. And we must have them or we will be alone in this world which may end very badly. The people say that money does not give happiness and this is true. Rich people not always are happy - sometimes they are very sad because of loneliness. They may have friends but they do not know if they are real friends or friends of their money. I think that money is important but we should not put it in before other people.

People save money because they want to be prepared for "the black hour". They feel safer when they have it. Sometimes accidents happen and we need money for hospital or to buy things that we lost. Parents save money for their children - for their education and start in life. Another reason for saving money are holidays: when we want to go on expensive holidays we must gather large sum of money before.