"Angels and Demons" are Dan Brown's first novel which I bought by accident. It turned to be breathless, real time adventure and I had a hard time putting it down. The plot is twisty, turny, slippery and surprising. The writer shows us a life - or - death cliff hangers, thrilling cat - and - mouse maneuvers, romance, religion, science, murder, mysticism, archtecture and action. So can you belive that the world lay at the mercy of Angels and Demons?

Set in 20 th century, the book is about mistery. Robert Langton - the main character, is called by the Swiss authorities to help in decrypting the symbol which was seared into the chest of phicisist who was found dead in his laboratory. He founds out that the symbol once belonged to the Illuminati - the mysterious organization which extincted hundreds years ago. The Illuminati are to destestroy the Vatican city. To save it Robert Langton fly to Rome where he met beautiful scientist Vittoria Vetra. They joined their forces in the race against the underground organization. Together they go through the crypts, tombs, chapels, cathedrals and they look for the signs left by the Illuminati members. Will they be on time? Will they manage to save the Catholic Church?

For those who enjoy inteligent, dynamic and exciting thrillers, "Angels and Demons" are not to be missed. From the first time I have read that book I keep on coming back to it whenever I need a bit of relaxation and adventure. I can also assure you that "Angels and Demons" is one reading experience that the audience will never forget.