In my opinion "The Butterfly Effect" is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The movie presents the history of a group of friends. The leading figure is Evan, who had a very strange life. When he was a child, he used to suffer from blackouts. There are a lot of things he only half-remembered and sometimes it caused the pain.

When he was younger, doctor suggested him to write his own diary, in which he should describe every detail of the day. They told him that it should help. But unfortunately, the diary didn't help him. Every time he read his diary, he got to know about moments he actually had forgotten and always something bad happened in his life. At first, we can see Evan as a good student. His teacher was also his friend. He lived together with one of his best friends. His friend was thought to be the fattest boy in the whole city. When Evan read about that in his diary, something strange happened and suddenly the whole his life changed. Now he studied at the university, but he didn't live with his friends, but with his girlfriend. Moreover, his teacher wasn't his friend anymore. He didn't used to wear his leather jackets with trousers, but he preferred the sport-wear instead. Not only did his life change when he looked through his diary. The lives of his friends and his family changed too. Every time when he tried to improve his life, he didn't succeed. Once he understood what his father meant when he told Evan: "You shouldn't live". Then he understood that the whole his life was the mistake. Evan decided to use the movies concerning his birth and tried to return to the time when he was born. He really wanted to change his past. He managed to return to his labour and he coiled the umbilical cord around his neck and just killed himself. The fact that he didn't even born really helped his family and his friends.

I strongly recommend this movie, because it is one of the most original movies I have ever seen.