The night before I set my alarm clock on 6 o'clock and then I went to bed. But I didn't wake up at 6 o'clock. My alarm clock was out of order. In this way this terrible day started. I was late, because I woke up at 9 o'clock. I quickly packed my notes and books. I didn't even eat breakfast, but I had to go for a short walk with my dog. It was waiting for me before the door. Then I ran to catch the bus. But when I reached the bus stop I noticed that it had just left. I had to wait for the next bus, which was after 20 minutes. I was angry.

When I arrived at school it was about 10 o'clock. Three classes just passed. The next one was the geography class. I had the bad luck, because our teacher quizzed me. I really wanted to answer all his questions, but I wasn't prepared and I couldn't. So I got a bad mark. The next class was the history class. As soon as we entered the classroom, the loud alarm-bell began ringing. We should leave the school building in a hurry. We should wait outside the school. There was a rumor that someone had planted a bomb in our school. It was just a stupid joke. There wasn't any bomb. We were chilled, because we were standing outside for an hour. Than it turned out that our Polish teacher was ill and we didn't have two classes. So we had to wait for two next hours for the Latin class. Then when the class supposed to be started our principal came and told us that she was so busy that she couldn't carry on the class, so we could go home. I was angry, because it was our last class and I had been waiting for it for a long time.

We went to the bus stop. Unfortunately, because of the bad weather conditions, the buses didn't run on time. It was snowing and was very cold. I was waiting half an hour and I decided to go home on foot. It wasn't easy, because the pavements were so slippery that and I fell down very often. Then I had many red and violet bruises. At last at 4 o'clock I came back home. I prepared a cup of hot tea and I read the whole newspaper. I was working for a school newspaper and I was the technical redactor, so to my duties belonged the correction of the composition of every page. I turned my computer on to finish all publications. All data was supplied on a floppy disc. I had been working for about seven hours, but unfortunately I didn't remember to save the ready document. And all of the sudden a fuse went off and the computer stopped working. I was really angry. All information disappeared….

I needed to relax, so I took my dog for a long walk. Then I had to turn my computer on and finish my work.