Recently the euthanasia has arisen a very controversial problem. What is exactly euthanasia? Why do we need it? Euthanasia is defined as the painless act of killing of incurably ill patients or a very old people. The priests claim that this is just a form of murder and they think that this is an inhumane act. Doctors and their patients have various attitudes towards the euthanasia. There are a lot of supporters, whereas there is a group of opponents. The first ones accept the form of killing the terminally ill patients, but the other think that it should be banned.

One of the strongest arguments pro euthanasia is that the terminally ill patients suffer from extremely pain and discomfort. In this case the euthanasia may be the one solution to curb the sufferings. The opponents claim that euthanasia is something immoral and no one has the right to decide when to take away someone's life. They insist on the strong life-prolonging treatment. What is more, they think that euthanasia is unnatural.

The opponents also point out that euthanasia is contrary to the medical ethics. And doctors promised to do everything to help patients instead of slaying them. So any doctor is allowed to take away someone's life.

As we consider the state of a terminally ill patient who really wants to die, because he has suffered enough, I think that euthanasia should be legalised. On the other hand, if we consider the huge development of medicine and the fact that many diseases seemed to be incurable in the past, but nowadays they can be treated easily. There is also a risk that someone was killed, but a month later the cure will be invented. There will be also many abuses. What is more, sometimes a patient is considered to be terminally ill, but later he recovered by incomprehensible reasons. So we should be very careful and think about it many times before we decide to legalise the euthanasia.