Poland has been a member of the European Union for two years now. Before we were admitted to the Union, there were many heated debates concerning the question whether the membership would be beneficial to Poland. In my opinion, those two years have proved that the decision of Polish society to join the European Union was good.

First of all, young people benefited a lot as our membership in the Union gives them a lot of possibilities of education and work. They can study at the foreign universities, take part in various students' exchanges and, what is the most important, they can be employed legally abroad.

Besides, Polish agriculture flourishes as the European Union subsidies it. Polish farmers can extend their farms and work more efficiently thanks to better equipment the purchase of which is partly funded the EU. Moreover, our economy is picking up as we have now larger market for sale of our products. In addition, Polish brands are today recognizable all over Europe.

Undoubtedly, there are also disadvantages of our being a part of the Union. One of the threats is the loss of our national identity. As our culture has been mixing with some many other European cultures, it is possible that it will lose its most distinctive features. Besides, some people are afraid that the foreigners will buy out Polish land.

The benefits of our membership in the European Union are many. The disadvantages are so few and so insignificant that, in fact, they can no longer convince even the most fervent opponents that we should withdraw from the Union.