To the most important problems connected with the ecology belongs the hole of the ozone layer. Moreover, the hole is still getting bigger. We are used to use the sprays which cause serious damages of it. The other reason which causes the hole getting bigger is fumes produced by cars' engines and factories.

The other essential problem is deforestation. Every year the huge areas of forests are cut down. The rain forests produce over one third of global oxygen. They are also the natural environment for many animal species.

Not only the air is polluted, but also the soil is contaminated. We produce too much waste. What is more, we don't sort the garbage, so the landfill sites are still growing. Very harmful for the soil are also artificial fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers.

The other important problem is the greenhouse effect. It is caused by the increasing of global temperature and the poisoned atmosphere which makes that the sun energy is trapped. In addition, a great amount of carbon dioxide with the water vapour makes the problem worse. It is estimated that the global temperature has grown for 6 degrees. Experts warn us that the most densely populated areas will be drowned within the next century, because the see level will rise a lot. The constant influx of refugees from Africa will probably cause a lot of serious diseases, which are believed to spread rapidly during the common floods.

I think that among all these ecological problems the global warming seems to be the most important one. To protect the natural environment some steps should be taken. Firstly, we should start to sort the garbage: bottles, cans and paper should be put into the special containers. Then they will be recycled. The other thing we should do is to stop using the harmful sprays, which causes the damages of the ozone layer. Then we shouldn't drop out the chemicals to the rivers. They poison the water and it isn't suitable for drinking. Moreover, we should save the electricity and limit the using of cars. It would be better for our lungs and health condition. Instead of driving car everyday which emits toxic fumes, we should try to ride a bicycle or commute. If we don't stop cutting down the trees without plating the new ones, the global warming will be getting faster and faster. To protect our planet the common effort and cooperation are needed. In this way we will have a chance to live in cleaner and peaceful place.