The vision of the future does not seem optimistic when we take into consideration the problems of the modern world. The climate of our planet is changing causing natural disasters in various parts of our world, like for example hurricanes, floods or tsunami. Our natural environment is polluted and many species of animals and plants are endangered or already extinct. Moreover, the rate of crime is increasing and violence and aggression have become widespread. Despite all those worrying facts, it is possible to find some arguments indicating that future may be better.

To start with, medicine seems to be the source of optimism. Today people do not die from illnesses like pneumonia or smallpox as scientists have invented cures and vaccinations. Nowadays, the most important task of scientists is to invent cures against the most serious diseases of the modern world, namely AIDS and cancer. As science has been still developing, it seems very possible that in few years those diseases will become curable.

In addition, computer technology provides people with amazing possibilities. It facilitates our lives in many different ways and I think that in the future computers and the Internet will help disabled people have normal life.

Another argument suggesting optimistic vision of the future is the fact that the standards of our life have been constantly improving. As we become more wealthy, more people can afford to have their own flat or house or to travel.

Despite the pollution of the natural environment, we do not have to be afraid that we will complete the destruction of our planet. New technologies are invented which prevent the emission of harmful gasses to the atmosphere. Moreover, the depletion of the reserves of coal, oil and gas deposits is not a threat any longer as alternative sources of supplying energy have been found, like for example solar, power, nuclear power or hydroelectric power.

Although some people claim that the world is heading towards a disaster, I think in the future our life is going to be better. Despite all the problems that we must face today, the arguments provided above prove that the vision of the future seems to be rather optimistic.