I think that the gap between the young generation and the older one has been existing for a long time. However, it is said that some differences may merge. This statement was confirmed many times. In human relation the differences are very important and they are said to be attracted each other.

Today it is said that young people have completely different view on life than their partners have. But I know some people who think completely different. They think that there are a lot of similarities between "the old" and "the young" and both these groups have a lot in common. However I think that the distance between these two generations will always exist. They have different hobbies, interests and views. This kind of difference shouldn't anybody surprise. Thus they wear different clothes and are fond of completely other kind of music. The ways of spending free time differ themselves. The elders like clam activities such as fishing or watching TV, whereas the young people prefer discos, loud music and sport. For young people the most important are entertainment, friends and music, the older generation take care of their health, family and religion.

To sum up, I think that the differences between these both generations are huge and they will always exist. We can't say whether it is good or wrong. The gap between these generations is too big to be passed over. The young generation can't be compared with the older one, but they can follow the examples of the older people instead.