In the middle of London there is the place full of dirty and old buildings. It is called The Isle of Dogs. Its name is taken from the past, when the representatives of Tudor dynasty used to keep on this island their dogs.

In 1603 there was the plague, which spread from this island to London. After that the island was joined to London. It happened at the beginning of the nineteenth century. At that time London had a lot of trading oversea partners, with whom it used to trade. To commemorate this fact the roads are named after them. There are the streets called: Havana, Cuba, Malabar, Manila and more. In the fifties the isle unfortunately sank into poverty and neglect. The situation changed in 1980.

That time some American businessmen decided to purchase some land there and build office-buildings. The project succeeded and in this way Canary Wharf was set up. Today it consists of the area of 900 000 square meters. There are a lot of banks, restaurants and shops. The biggest and the most important English banks have their location on the Isle of Dogs, which became the centre of the international finance.