School is a kind of institution, where young people may gain some knowledge. Student is the most important part of every school. Without students school would be just a building. There wouldn't be any people. There are a lot of types of schools such as primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges. There was an old saying: "There are as many different students, as there are schools". There are some grinds who always carry the backpacks full of notes and books. They note everything very carefully. However, there are some groups of students, which differ from each other. Some students go to school to meet interesting people or find a blond girlfriend. Most people are forced to attend the school, because they don't want to learn. Parents make them to go to school, because they aren't able to decide about their lives.

When they graduate the high school, they have to take a very important decision. They are supposed to decide to which school to go. They think about their plans for a long time and ask themselves: "What am I going to do in my future life? Should I start a new job for Mc. Donald or go to university?". Every one should answer yourself and take the decision alone not to hold a grudge against anyone. It is very tough nut to crack for an eighteen years old student. However, at that difficult time your parents can you help. They are always ready to help and give you the piece of advice. They want the best for their children. They will probably advise not to waste your chance and start to study at college or university.

There are some groups among students. The first of them is the group of victims. They are wearing suits or raggedy jeans and blue shirt. There are also students whose mothers choose their clothes. They belong to the group of beloved children, but in fact they look like adults. They are very shy and afraid. They aren't autonomous and often they don't have any dreams. On the other hand, there are some students who want to get out of their parents' home very quickly. They want to become independent and start their own lives. These students want to achieve something, so they really insist on finishing their schools as soon as possible. They also go for every lecture. But on the other hands, they don't have the courage to refuse their parents' will. To play truant for such student is for then the sin and too challenging. When I want to talk to them, they remain silent, because they don't have any idea what to talk about. They are afraid of anyone and run away form everyone. Sometimes a strange situation is taken place, when some such silent students unify together and help each other. They are used to meet in a quite place in school and spend their breaks together in silence. The other people are for them unimportant. They don't have any possibility to decide about anything, because they have to listen to their parents. Their parents decide about everything. They choose the subjects instead of their children.

For me the most valuable people were the ones, who are ready to fight for their own freedom and independence. Such people were President Lincoln and General Colin Powell. They seem to be heroes, who have a lot of courage to defeat their rights and freedom of millions of people. What is more, they were ready to express their opinions, because of that they were criticized many times. But I think that for many people they remain the heroes and gods. I think that students should follow their examples. Very one of us should express their opinion and ideas. What is more, we should bear in minds, that education doesn't depend on the learning the dry facts, but to broaden their knowledge and horizons. But in reality, the most part of students are just grinds, who are unrecognized by anyone. They don't integrate with anyone, because they don't feel that they are the part of the school. Some students just want to finish their school with some usual marks and leave the institution as soon as possible. Most of them have any possibility to direct their lives in the way they want. They parents decide about everything and they can't be their own helmsmen and decide alone about their future lives.

Another group of students are the ones who are much more optimistic. They are usually good students and have the chance to decide about everything alone. They are wearing usually sports clothes and jeans. Among them there are students who take care of colours and everything they are wearing. They match cowboy boots witch a round hat and a bandana on their necks. They don't miss any classes. That would be unacceptable. To miss the classes means the destroying of their opinion. If they miss a single class, they couldn't fell asleep, because of the awful remorse. They think that the knowledge is the most important. Even more important then stronger than friendship and parties. They often talk about some physical events, amazing and mathematical phenomena or scientific figures. They have unwritten rule: "Let's talk about everything as long as it is connected with science". It seems that they can't speak about beauty, fashion or girls. However, if they are talking about a new discovery in the fields of biophysics or about the influence of ants' behaviour, there are a lot of things to say. Sometimes that conversation may last couple of hours. Those students know exactly what they want to achieve. They love attending the school. They find it interesting. In this way they may be a part of school's community. They hope to be a well-known politicians or presidents of international companies. They believe that they have the destiny to lead people. They want to broaden their knowledge not because of the fact that it is obligatory, but they like it. They often would like to spend their whole lives at school. They know that they have a kind of mission to achieve something thanks their own skills and abilities. These good students love preparing some campaigns and organizing every event at school. When I look at them, we are sure that they are directed by their own aims, will of power and the drive to the knowledge. They managed to pass four tests during a day or read "The Animal Farm" by Orwell. They "devour books" as if it would be the vitamin C. They do it with the smile on their faces. They claim that every mathematical principle and each physical rule may broaden their ideas concerning everything surrounding. Those "good students" graduate the school with the mission of learning something new. When they are asked about Matejko or Byron, they can explain the question in details. They are the examples that school isn't a frightened place. They think that school may awake the feeling of uncertainty. They are ready to do everything to achieve their objectives. They feel the derive pleasure from gaining the knowledge. They claim that they love schools. When we ask them about their authorities, they probably mention such people as Einstein, Plato and Newton. Their rooms are full of books and notes. They know that each day they can learn something new.

The next group I would like to mention is the group called "Generation X". When we ask their representatives about their plans and desires, they will simply answer that they haven't any idea. The most important things in their lives are pubs and discotheques. Their aims are to become a famous playboy among the students at school. They dream about international careers and become a movie star or singer. They would like to have a great number of fans. Their form of spending free time is shopping in most renowned shops. They spend a lot of money on "cool" jeans or suits, which were designed by Calvin Klein or Versache. They should be well-dressed. This is their main obsession. They claim that "the tighter the better". They are ready to spend a lot of hours in the gym to achieve the bigger muscles. Every single muscle should be seen. This is the most important. They don't attend classes very often. Boys like spending time on chatting with the blondes rather than attending the boring lectures. Most of them haven't any idea about the obligatory classes. When we ask them about their schedule, they don't have any idea. They don't worry about anything, especially about their schools. They always choose the easiest classes in the schedule. If we ask them about the authority, they probably answer that it is John Travolta from the movie "The Saturday Night Fever". We aren't surprised. This hero was similar to the expectations of young people from "Generation X". He was a well-looking man, brilliant dancer and had many girls around. Students of "Generation X" don't treat the school like an obligation. It is a kind of playground where they meet with their friends. They don't care about their marks. They are interested in spending time in more interesting way. They play poker in pubs or dance till the dusk in clubs. They don't look for a job and aren't interested in gaining any job experience. Sometimes they are afraid if they can't get positive notes for a given course.

There are a lot of different students and their needs, interests and plans. They attend the school how often they need. I think that in every country there are the same types of students and their plans are similar. Sometimes they may be incomprehensible for many people. In my opinion students' motives of attending school are dependant on our interests and personality. People are interested in everything what is mysterious and unknown. There are a lot of motives of attending school and numerous various students. Among them they are students who are knowledge lovers, scientists and the ones who want to take pleasure of their young age and the fact that they are studying.

The situation reminds me a kind of personification. Students seem to be a river. Some students want to gain their knowledge and learn something new, whereas others enjoy their lives. Some of them attend the school because they like. The other students should follow their examples. There are also some students who don't want to learn and develop themselves. They don't like going to school, but they do it, because it is obligatory. There is also the other kind of students, who are completely dependant to their parents and they don't have any own opinions. Another group of students is consisted of the laziest students, who don't care about anything. They belong to the "Generation X". The most characteristic is that they only want to have fun. The school isn't as important. They claim to be "the cool group". They aren't afraid of anything and don't think about their future. They just want to live from day to day. I think that we should try to broaden our knowledge and take advantage of every class at school. It may be very helpful in the future. On the other hand, we should have fun, because we are young. Remember that we don't need to treat the school too serious. There aren't any exams that couldn't be repeated. So try to gain a lot of information, but don't forget that there are also other things important in your life. So enjoy your youth!