I think that it is difficult to say if abortion is good or bad. There are many aspects of abortion. I am going to discuss some of them. Most people think that the most important thing in discussing abortion is to tell, if the fetus is a person or not. Some say that if the unborn child can be considered a person, then abortion has to be banned. It would be a murder to make abortion from this point of view. However, if the embryo is not yet a person, abortion is taken not so seriously. Such attitude towards the problem, concentrates on the moral status of the fetus.

Apart from such approach, there are many others. We can consider abortion also from the point of view concerning women rights. Does a woman have a right to decide is she wants a child or not, or does she simply have to follow the rules? Talking about abortion, we can also focus on the problem of poverty and overpopulation of the earth. Nevertheless, in my mind the most interesting discussion considers the question of personhood. I am fully aware of the other possible approaches, but I will start with discussing this problem.

To begin with, we need to answer the question whether the fetus is a human being and, if so, what makes this issue such important. Why do we put so much attention to this question? We can try to ask ourselves, what makes a person and, consequently, why do we consider being a person so valuable. In Christianity and Judaism there exists a command 'do not kill'. In his oath, Hipocrates wrote "I will show the highest respect for human life from the moment of conception". His words are still present in the oath each doctor has to give. And, as far as I know, abortion is not curing any illness or disease. I think that a doctor has to do everything what he or she can to make any pregnancy be kept until the delivery. The data on abortion are terrifying. In the US more than 1,5 million children annually are aborted only by surgical methods. I think that knowledge of that may cause the decrease of the number of women, who want to have an abortion.

Abortion is not only killing a child. It is also dangerous to life and health of the mother. From my point of view, if it is legal to kill a child, this means that there is something wrong with the society. If we make abortion legal, there will be no young people in the world soon. And they are necessary to work so as to pay the taxes for others' retirements.

We have to respect life. it doesn't only mean that we should condemn abortion. We have to act morally and reasonably. I think that abortion is a bad thing. People shouldn't make decisions on others' lives. I think that young people like me should work in order to stop women from considering abortion as a resolution of the problem.

There are societies, which allow abortion. But they have much different moral and religious restrictions. They force their citizens to change their morality for worse. Polish people are resistant to abortion. I think that it is important that we believe it should be banned. Most of us agree on when the life of human begins and how it has to be protected.