I hope that my favourite house will be located in a village or in a small town. It will remind a kind of manor-house or a small castle. My house should be wooden.

The house won't be very big. Apart from the wooden walls there should be huge windows in the wooden framework, of course.

Outside the house there will be a big garden, where the various trees will be growing. There will be also the small pond in the middle of the garden. I want to have also a kind of allotment, where some vegetables and fruit will be cultivated.

I love flowers so I would like to grow a lot of different species in my garden. There will be roses and orchids. I think about the creating a kind of small orchard in my farmyard. There will be also a grill and I will invite my friends to the parties.

Inside my favourite house there will be a lot of rooms. Every member will have his own bedroom with a bathroom. Moreover, there will be the huge living room and the spacious kitchen.

The kitchen should be light. There should be a square table and a couple of chairs, on everyone will be sit comfortably. There will be also the cupboards.

I want to have the fireplace in the living room. There will be also the rocking-chair next to the fireplace. There will be a lot of shelves with books on them, a huge sofa and a small coffee table. I would like to buy some antique furniture. The room will be equipped with fine Hi-Fi system with some loudspeakers. I would like to have the home cinema set and my computer on the desk. Walls will be decorated with some pictures.

Some bathrooms will have showers, whereas other will have bathtubs. I would like to have a big wardrobe.

Every bedroom will be painted in the different colour. The carpets on the floor will match the wallpapers. Moreover, I would like to have the parquet in the living room. I also dream of having the Jacuzzi in one of the bathrooms.