It was couple years ago. I had just graduated the primary school and I went with my mother for a holiday. We wanted to have a rest and stay somewhere where the atmosphere would be more peaceful. We didn't want to book the room in a hotel and camp seemed to us very inconvenient, so we decided to hire a small wooden cottage in Piwniczna. We went there with my uncle and his daughter who was at the similar age to me. 

As soon as we arrived in Piwniczna, we became delighted with the breathtaking landscape. We stay in a small, very but charming village. There was also a narrow river. Our cottage was also very charming. It looked unusual. It seemed to be a tiny castle. When we were approaching the cottage, the host came outside and greeted us very warmly. Then he invited us inside. Inside the cottage looked as amazing as it looked outside. We decided to stay there.

We took two rooms with two beds. As soon as we unpacked our baggage and we decided to go outside and have a rest. We went for a long walk. Everything looked so lovely and the atmosphere was very peaceful. We were walking for a couple of hours and rested in the forest. We even didn't notice that the sky became dark and we should have to go to the cottage. When we arrived there, we had the modest supper. We were so tired and after the supper we felt sleepy. We fell asleep very fast. It was just after the midnight when we woke up because of strange noise. We heard footsteps and the scary rumbling. The noises were everywhere. Then we didn't manage to fell asleep again. We were so scary. The next morning we asked the host what kind of noise it was. He laughed and answered: "It was just our ghosts!". And he added: "You shouldn't be afraid of them!". So we had a lot of time to leave and we pack our clothes very quickly and decided to leave as soon as possible. However the cottage was lovely, I think that it was the scariest holiday in my life!