It all happened on my last holiday. It was terrible experience. It was the worst holiday I have ever had. I and my friend we decided to go to the New Zeland. We were saving money very long time to go on this trip. It was our dream to go to the land of "The Lord of the Rings".

We had made reservation for flight at the end of July. From that moment everything went wrong. It turned out that the flight was reserved for only one person because a woman at the travel agency didn't understand us correctly. I managed to reserve a flight but different one, so we couldn't go together. But I thought that it was not a big deal. My friend flew few hours after me. I was going first. When I arrived at the airport I was very happy because that meant that my holiday has started and nothing else could have happened. I was mistaken.

When the hour of my flight was coming I queued up to the custom clearance. My passport was all right and the next thing I had todo was to go through the metal detector. When I was passing through it started to beep. I was scared. I was taken aside immediately and I felt like a thief. It was terrible. The custom officer had taken me to the other room and she told me to undress. I tried to explain that I had a belly ring and maybe it was the cause of beeping but she didn't want to listen. I had to undress. They took my clothes somewhere and I was standing alone in the middle of the room. I was shocked and stressed. The woman came back after about 5 minutes which seemed to be ages for me. She gave me back clothes but I was not allowed to put them on. She checked me one more time with small metal detector which was obviously beeping in front of my ring. Of course the customs officials went through all my things but they didn't find anything. I was late for my flight so I had to wait for another one. My friend who was supposed to meet me at the airport and it was me who should wait was terrified that I was not there. Fortunatelly she decided to wait there.

After that horrible flight we met at the airport and we went to our hostel. It turned out that we expected something different but it was not that bad and we were to tired to look for something else. New Zeland is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. We loved everything about it. The people, their customs, their food and most of all the environment. We spent there three weeks. We had there really a good time. But when the time ended we had to fly back home. I was a little scared. This time I decided to remove my belly ring.

We came to the airport about three hours before the departure time. At the entrance to the airport we saw an older women who had a large card with the word written on it with capital letters: POLAND. So, I came up to her and I started to speak in polish. She smiled and we started to chat together. When we were just about to leave she asked me if I could take a box of chocolates with me and give it to her son in Poland. He was supposed to meet me at the airport, because she would phone him. Of course I agreed. And then it started again. At the custom clearance everything was OK. I came through the metal detector and nothing heppend. My passport was all right. I was almost free when the custom officer asked me about the chocolates. I said that it was given to me by the lady at the entrance and that her son is going to take it back at the airport in Poland. The custom officer asked me to open the box. I didn't want to agree as it wasn't mine. But I had to that. It turned out that inside there were not chocolates but the butterflys worth twenty thousand dollars. I was taken to the jail. I spent there two days and than everything had been explained. I could come back home and the lady and her "son" were caught and also taken to the jail.

I don't have to say why this was my worst holiday I have ever had…