There were many examples of the lack of tolerance shown in the past, such as Ku Klux Klan or Nazis during the World War II. Every one of us is different: we differ from each other in the colour of our eyes, hair, skin, hair, opinions and lifestyles. People often compare their appearance and personal opinions with the other ones. They are used to repeat: "I'm better than everyone other. I'm more beautiful and bright than they are". They think that someone is different or even worse, because has darker skin or slanting eyes. They don't like people who look different than they. Moreover, they are sure that "different" means "worse". In this way the discrimination is arising.

In my opinion, everyone is equal and we can't say that someone is worse or better. We shouldn't judge and classify people. Even if we want to do it, we should at first start with judging ourselves. We can't repeat that the white race is better, because in this way we discriminate the other races. We should be aware that the appearance and colour of the skin are less important than the skills, behaviour and personal opinions. We shouldn't be so superficial, because the appearance isn't so important. The most important is inside. We can't give a negative opinion about someone just on the base of her/his appearance.

Moreover, we should be shame of such bed examples of intolerance in the past such as the mentioned Ku Klux Klan or Nazis. The most important is who we are, no matter what colour of our skin is, how we look and what we wear.