In general there are two kinds of press nowadays: tabloids and quality press. Each of them has its own way of parenting people, events and news. However, they often write about the same events, their styles are completely different. Tabloids focus on celebrities, their lives, successes, love affairs and rumors. The quality press presents the most important news, political events or sport occurrences.

The journalists who write articles for the quality press respect "Ethics Code". What is more, they know that they should be responsible for everything they write. They are aware that false commentaries may cause serious consequences. So everything written in a quality newspaper can be relayed on and aren't harmful. The journalists working for this kind of newspaper are usually fond of their profession. Journalism is their passion. Moreover, they often don't care about high wages. They respect the journalism ethics and they don't receive bribes or other gifts. They should be impartial, so they try not to become involved in anything which might affect their objectivity.

For real journalists the fair play is the most important. All information published in the quality press should be confirmed. They can't relay on gossips or any other unofficial information. In addition, they usually respect people' privacy, so they don't investigate in private lives of public people at all cost. The quality press presents only the true news.

On the other hand, there are also journalists representing the tabloids. They are called usually "paparazzi". They don't care about "Ethics Code". In their pursuit for sensation there's no time for responsibility and loyalty. Paparazzi don't even care whether their articles may ruin someone's life or career. They look for rumors and sensation. They want to show the private lives of celebrities or catch a public person naked.

I really doubt whether paparazzi know the meaning of the word "ethics". It is unimportant for this kind of journalists. Moreover, they are often bribed. They easily get money in return for writing a certain article. They don't care about the consequences it may bring.

Paparazzi simply don't follow the rules of fair play. Tabloids publish everything what may interest the readers without respect to the consequences. They are used to invade in someone's privacy. Often they make up some information just to create a better story. Moreover, they often don't base on real interviews with the witnesses of the events.

To sum up, the quality press is much ambitious in comparison with the tabloids. The second ones look for sensations. Each type of press is directed to the other kind of receivers. What is more, each of them has a wide circle of constant readers. If we need serious information, we choose the quality newspapers. Whereas we want to read about celebrities and their problems, we reach out for one of tabloids.