I spent my last summer holiday at the Polish lake in Przybrodzin, near Powidz. I went to Powidz together with my family in July by car. We stayed at a nice boarding house on the hillside, near the lake.

The weather was great, it was very sunny and hot every day. Because the water in the lake and the beach were very clean, we could swim and lie on the beach. My mum spent many hours sunbathing. We did not only lie and sunbathe but often swam and rode a water bicycle. My brother sailed and searched same shells and I took a lot of photos.

In the afternoons we often went to the restaurant to have pizza, kebab or delicious ice-creams. The food was very tasty. In the evenings we went for long walks in the forest. We could watch sunset everyday, because we had the bench out to the west.

Several times we drove on a trip. We visited Kruszwica where we saw the mouse’s tower and Rogowo where we saw dinosaurs. We were too in Biskupin and Polish Venice and Rome.

On the last day we bought some souvenirs for our family and friends. After two weeks we packed our suitcases and left Przybrodzin. We came home with many nice memories and with beautiful suntan. We had a very good time by the lake and I hope to spend my next holiday as well here.