Have you ever fibbed to your teacher, so as not to get a bad mark? It was Monday, I had horrible problems to wake up in the morning and make it to school because I had been to a party the night before.

I got to school at 8.55, 10 minutes after the bell rang. When I entered the classroom, I was totally taken aback as I saw my teacher walking among pupils and checking if everyone had homework. Of course, I had completely forgotten that I had to write a report for that day. 'Good morning. Do you have your homework, Ann?' said Ms Thomson with suspicious smile. I just knew I was in trouble and I had to make out some justification quickly so I started my story which went as follows. 'I was working late last night. I finished the last paragraph when suddenly I heard noise outside the window, Firstly, I ignored the sound and wet on writing. Then I heard some footsteps. I went over to the window and drew the curtains aside. I could see from the wet roads that it had been raining all night. I could see nobody, but thought I would better go out and check just in case…' 'Enough!' my teacher said. Then I looked around and saw that everybody was laughing. I realized where I had made a mistake. There were no rain the night before.

After that Ms Thomson wanted to see my parents and talk to them about my fascinating imagination. I felt terrible. That day I promised never to lie to a teacher again.