We often ask ourselves if our lifestyle is healthy. If we live long and happily very much depends on how we live and how we treat our bodies. As a result the most important things to be in good condition are a good diet and vigorous exercise.

We should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins and minerals which are good for our health. We should avoid fat-building sweets, ice-cream, cookies or crisps and instead eat more whole meat bread, low-fat cheese and drink yogurts. If it is possible we should eat regularly five times a day and our diet shouldn't be balanced.

Some people don't realize that their lifestyle has a great influence on their comfort. Technological progress has made our lives easier but at the same time we have become lazy. We drive to work, spend half a day sitting behind a desk then we watch TV for hours and as a result we feel unfit. By spending our spare time running, playing tennis, swimming or even walking we can achieve deep relaxation and protection from serious medical problems.

Another important thing for our health is sleep and rest. We should bear in mind that only relaxed people living without much pressure and worry have chance to keep health.

Equally important is giving up such bad habits as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Some young people are of the opinion that smoking is a pleasure. They claim that cigarettes have many psychological benefits for example they calm down them and make feel them better. I thing it is a nonsense. It is scientifically proved that people who smoke one pocket cigarettes daily die three years sooner than non-smokers. Besides cigarettes cause serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease.

In my opinion we should become more healthy and we should be aware of that we are responsible for our own well-being in the future.