The manager of the Queen`s Hotel was feeling quite confident that nothing unusual and strange had ever happened there. It was a very respected Hotel by celebrities. Rich people from the world of business appreciated  the peaceful and an excellent service of the Hotel.

One day something unusual happened. It was one of these days when everything is going great.  That day Queen`s Hotel had special guest , queen Elizabeth II.  The manager was calm and self-conscious. Suddenly someone screamed. It was a voice of an old woman. “Snakes! I hate snakes!” the queen was screaming. Someone left her a message in blood on the golden wall.

“I`ll kill you if you don`t release all Muslims from prison”. These sign was terrifying the queen from the wall. But it wasn`t everything. On the floor in the bathroom was lying a dead body of the favourite queen`s dog: all in pieces. Everyone was shocked. They didn`t know what to do. The queen fainted. The hotel was in a big trouble. Queen`s staff reproached the manager because of not enough security. All the police was in emergency.

The next day the police caught the Islamic extremist who was responsible for this act of crime. But since that day Queen has never stayed at the Hotel. What is more she is rarely seen in public places. Also the Queen`s Hotel lost it`s popularity. It is no longer a safe and peaceful place.

Aleksandra Prusak

(words 221)