Character is a person, who tells the story or the story is about. It is the main man or other creature in a book. Setting means the place where the story is happening.

Plot is a kind of scheme of events in a book, a kind of organization of events in a book or the way they are presented.

Theme means the main idea of the work.

Point of view means the opinion or the narrator in the book; it is a speaker who tells the point of view.

Description means the detailed exposition of people, scenes, feelings and actions.

Dialogue means the conversation between the people.

Commentary is the opinions about the events and characters.

Style means the expression of language.

Tone means the attitude of author towards the events of the story and its readers.

Irony means presenting something in the funny or even scary way, in which we can't expect.

Symbol means something which stands for something others such as values or ideas.

Allegory means a story, which has a double meaning: a primary, which is quite understood and the hidden meaning.