A plot is a plan or an outline of the events in a play or novel. A conflict is a serious disagreement or an argument between people and their ideas. A conflict occures when there is a serious difference of opinions, whishes, etc. A conflict may also mean that one is different to sth or to be in opposition to sth.


Exposition is an explanation of a plan or plot in a play or novel. It gives a general idea about the background.

Complication is a part of the play or novel which makes it more complex or difficult and the same more interesting.

Climax is the most intense or exciting part of play or novel at which the further events of the plot are to be explained.

Resolution is the part of a play or novel when the main decisions are taken.

Foreshadowing is a sign or warning of something that is coming or about to happen.

Retrospection also called flashback is a part of a film, play, etc., that shows a scene earlier in time than the main story.