I live in a big city named Cracow. Although it is a big city you can find there peaceful districts and quit streets. I live on that kind of street. In front of my block of flats you can see different people. In the morning all the pavements are full of the young mothers with their babies in the prams. Than after lunch you can see kids playing with their toys. They are playing in the sandpit or they are swinging on the swings. There are always grandparents who take care of the children. The older boys from secondary school play football on the football pitch. The girls are usually talking or they play volleyball. Sometimes they even play football with the boys. You can see elder people playing chess on special tables with the chessboard painted on it. At the evening all teenagers meet in front of the block. They usually talk and have a good laugh.

I like my street because everybody know each other and there is a lot of trees. You don't need to worry that something will happen to you. It is very safe there. All the neighbours are happy. People like spending their free time in front of the block.