I would like to write a few words about the daily routine of Englishmen. I would like to make you familiar with customs and habits of a common English family, who I visited two years ago. Their everyday lives seem to be very similar to nearly our ones, but there are some important differences. The family I visited was consisted of four people. There were my host mother named Kate, my host father named Jack and their two children: Eva and James. Kate was a nurse and Jack worked as a builder: Even Eva who was 16 year old was a shop assistant in the small shop. It is very popular in Great Britain that the young people decide to take the odd jobs.

Kate woke up early not to be late at work, whereas the rest family members usually got up at 7 o'clock. Unfortunately English breakfast isn't very tasty and isn't diversified. Usually it was consisted of milk with cereal and then the toasts with jam were eaten and orange juice was drunk. At weekends, when there was much more time, they have a typical British hot meal, which is called "English breakfast". It is consisted of some eggs and bacon or bean in the sauce made of tomatoes and sausages.

At noon, the Englishmen usually have a break which lasts an hour and they spend it in one of the nearest cafés.

When they were back at home after the work, they have a short rest and then they started cooking. Usually dinner was prepared between 5 and 6 o'clock. Kate, who loved cooking, made the dinners by herself. When she had a night shift, Jack cooked instead of her. It is said that English dinners are horrible and I think it is true, but Kate was a wonderful cooker and I can't complain about the dinners. When we ate the dinner we sit in the living room and talked to each other or watched TV.

Englishmen usually do shopping on Saturday. They usually go to the supermarket where the products are much cheaper.

When there were the nice weather, they used to take little James to one of the public gardens, where children are thought to play mini-golf.

Usually they went to bed early about 9 o'clock. Eva was out at that time. English young people spend evenings with friends in pubs and discos or go to the cinema.