Violence in everyday life

There are many reasons of violence in everyday life. I think that very important reasons of crimes are social problems. Many people decide to commit a crime because of poverty. They simply want to get some money for food, but because of increasing unemployment they aren't able to find a job and earn money. So in that situation they decide for burglaries and robberies.

But we have to remember that there are also many other reasons of violence. Sometimes people commit a crime just for satisfying their whims. Many of them are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and they need money for their bed habits. So they still, rob or even kill to get money.

Some people, especially teenagers commit crimes because they want to find an outlet for their frustrations or they want to attract attention of their families and friends. Those are rebels. I think that the main reason of their bad behavior is that they don't have a good relationship with their parents and teachers. They think that they don't have any perspectives for a future or they simply want to show of to be admired by their peers. The juvenile deliquency has increased very much lately.

Nowadays we hear more and more news about crimes and rapes. People are afraid to leave their houses after dark. In our country most of society think that Polish law is to lenient and sentences should be more strict. I think that our law is good, but only on a paper. It should be use for real.