There are numerous kinds of restaurants in the USA. Most famous became the ones serving fast food, like McDonalds or KFC. These restaurants are now well known all around the world. There you choose the food from the menu hanging on the wall. You make take the food away or eat in there.

In good restaurants one has to make a reservation before going there. There are waiters, who take you to the right table. When you get wine, you are asked to try it and you may refuse taking it if it is not good for you. Paying the bill, you are supposed to give the waiter a tip. There are also restaurants, where you can go with the whole family. If you get too much food, you may take away the rest of the food.

There are several coffee shops, where one may have coffee and breakfast. You sit, where you want and the waiter may bring you coffee just after you sit down. You can tell him, what you want to eat and he serves you. when you leave, you are supposed to pay at the cashier.