The Sun Pyramid is situated in the prehistoric Mexican city of Teotihuacán. It is a giant pyramid with an enormous number of steps that one must climb to reach the ancient temple site.

Teotihuacán citizens constructed the Sun Pyramid of the in 200 A.D. Red stones and clay were used as construction materials for the pyramid. There was a temple within the pyramid used as a centre of ritual practices. The prehistoric city was discovered by Aztecs and they were the first to see its buildings and streets.

Those who plan visiting the city of Teotihuacán must see the famous Sun Pyramid. After climbing more than five hundred steps to the top of the pyramid they can enjoy an extraordinary sight. There are two more pyramids and a prehistoric highway.

Our guests will be greatly impressed by this enormous antique structure. A fine day in summer is unquestionably the time that is the most suitable for visiting the pyramid.