Me and my friends are going to visit Uluru National Park this week. It is situated in Australia and covers mainly the plain area. Uluru, called Ayers Rock is not a high mountain, but the 348 meters high hill. Nevertheless in the middle of the desert it looks like a big rust-red mountain. This National Park covers a few thousands hectares. Apart from Ayers Rock there are many smaller rocks too. Very close to these rocks there is the Amadeus Lake. We went to see it yesterday. In order to get there we had to get up early and walk a few hours. We arrived at the lake on midday and we had lunch there. It was terrific to eat a meal on fresh air, looking at wonderful landscapes. Tomorrow we will see the Ayers Rock. I am anxiously looking forward to go there. Seeing this hill is a main goal of our trip. The following night we are going to spend in Yulara. I hope we will not be too tired, because I would like to see the town in the evening as well.