This is a story about two people who were archeologists. One of them was Ron and the other one was Tom. They were also very good friends. Their biggest dream was to find a treausre but they knew it would be very hard and difficult nowadays. One day they were visiting Italy. They were camping all over the country. They knew that Italy was full of moniuments as it was very old country with great history. One evening when they were looking for place to pitch a tent they saw the remnants of old church. It was getting late so they decided to go sleep and check it in the morning. They woke up early in the morning, they had breakfast and then they packed their things. After all those things they were ready to see the church. There was no door so they could enter the temple. It was ruined. There was no roof but on the walls you could still see the paintings. There were also the remnants of high altar but it was very devastated. They were amased. When they went out they saw a rocks near the church. They wanted to take some pictures so they went there. Between the stones they saw a tunel. They decided to check it. After few steps down they saw a door. They opened them and they went inside. There was a small chamber. Inside it was very dark but Tom and Ron had torches with them. They saw a big chest under the wall. It was very old and brown but it used to be gold. They tried to open it but there was a padlock on it. After about half an hour they managed to unlatch it. They looked inside. The chest was filled with gold and silver coins. They couldn't belive it. They found a treasure! Of course they called for the police and give it back to the national museum. But because they were honest the director handed them a prize. Each of them got the coin and ten thousand of dollars. They were very happy. They decided to look for another treasure.