„Seize the day. Because believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold and die,” these were the words that John Keating once said to his students, which inspired them, but most of all, Neil Perry. John didn’t know how his ways of teaching are going to backfire on him. 

Unfortunately he was fired and the reason behind that is that one of his students, committed suicide. Honestly I think there were more factors that were unjust, that have contributed to his dismissal. 

Neil really wanted to be an actor. When John Keating comes into the picture, he helps Neil realize his true aspirations, and face his family about his dreams instead of becoming a doctor. This leads Neil to participate in play against his father's will, triggering a big face-off with his father in which he’s forced to pursue medicine in university.

In my opinion school authorities, especially principal of Welton, stepped out of line. Mr. Nolan kept looking for a way to fire John as his ways of teaching contradict his own ideals. He then succeeds fires Mr. Keatingand blames him for Neil’s suicide.

In conclusion I think Mr. Keating was fired inequitable, just becasue someone didn’t like the way he taught his students.