Referring to "Cat in the rain", I will discuss Hemingway's life philosophy and his style of writing.

Ernest Hemingway, who is now by many people considered one of the best writers, was born in 1899 in America. He worked as the reporter and war-correspondent during both world wars. He lived an adventurous life, and quickly became famous. He is seen to be extremely powerful and influential American writer. For some people, he was simply a mere author, obsessed with violence, death and his own masculinity. Others considered him a genius and a hero.

How do we see him now? When we remind him, do we think about the legend or the person? Or are they both the same? We can wonder, who was this man. In his novels, many plots are taken directly from his real life. Is he one of the heroes from the book? We can learn that he came from Midwest, witnessed both world wars and spend much of his life in Europe. What kind of man was he? He loved writing, but was also keen on box, fishing and hunting. The biographers say that he was heavy drunker. Is it why he committed suicide?

There are many young people, who love Hemingway's work and who want to be just like him. Young readers might find in him features that they want to have themselves. They may want to be as independent, self-confident, strong and intelligent or envy him all the adventures he had. What makes Hemingway even more original is his style of writing. The language that he uses is simple, but the stories are very encouraging. Moreover, he describes things and places in such a way, that the reader may feel as if he was looking at the picture. He often describes the weather in details, in order to make a reader feel the atmosphere of the story. The characters in Hemingway's books are mostly men, but they have symbolic meaning. "A cat in the rain" is considered an exception from the rule, as the main character in the novel is a woman, who is troubled by many difficulties connected with the relationship to her husband, but overcomes them. What makes this story more interesting is that it shows a recapitulation of writer's philosophy. He always stressed that people cannot live happily in relationships with others. He claimed, that people are destined to live lonely lives. Although he is considered one of the greatest people ever, he suffered from depression and committed suicide in 1969.