~~One day two girls, seven-year and eight-year-Wendy Annie, played together at home Wendy. The girls were best friends and spent the whole day together drawing, singing, dancing and doing other things that make little girls. They were not to separate.

~~I just finished to draw their portraits and thought about what could still do for fun.
 - I know! - Annie said. - I think our dolls need new clothes.
 - How do the new clothes? - Wendy asked.
 - That - replied Annie, opening a drawer and pulling out the scissors.
 - Super! - Wendy exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

The girls began to tinker with dresses her dolls. Wendy dress her doll shortened by half, and now she wore a miniskirt. Annie changed her doll blouse in a t-shirt.

~~They look nice - said Wendy. - But you know what? They need new haircuts!

The girls got to work. Soon, the dolls were new - and original - hairstyles. Then Annie came up with another idea.
 - You too should cut my hair! - She said, laughing and walking toward her friend with shiny scissors in his hand.
 - Are you crazy? - Wendy asked.
 - Yes! - Annie replied and began to chase Wendy.

The girls were running around the room screaming so loudly that Togo, black cat Wendy, who was sleeping in his chair, looked at them with disdain, he stood up and left the room. Oh no! Annie stumbled! Falling to the floor, shoved standing there big green vase. Vase smashed into hundreds of pieces.

~~Annie's father came into the room to see where the noise. He saw the girl standing at something, what was once a vase, with horror on their faces.
 - What's going on here ?! - He asked.
 - It's Wendy! Wendy broke the vase! - Annie said.
 - Wendy! I think we need to talk! - The girl's father said angrily. - And you, Annie, go better home. Goodbye.

Wendy was so shocked that she was unable to say anything in his defense. She looked pointedly at Annie only. Annie knew that was the end of their friendship.