Barbara and Tom were on their way to Paris. They had been planning the trip for nearly a year and now they were making their dream come true. They had not been to France before, what is more, they had not travel by plane and now they were both very excited. They had seats near the left wing of the plane. Barbara was sitting by the window and, while Tom was sleeping, she was observing the sky and little white clouds and thinking that the next day was her and Tom's fourth anniversary. Barbara noticed that the weather had started to change; the sky had become dark grey and the clouds were nearly black. A stewardess anounced that they had just flown into a violent storm and warned that turbulences were possible. The warning aroused fear among the passengers but the stewardess assured that there was no need to be afraid. She did not manage to finish her announcement because the plane started to shudder and some suitcases fell down from overhead lockers. Some people started to scream, the plane kept shuddering and Tom gripped Barbara's hand.

Barbara remembered that suddenly, the plane had turned upside down, something hit her on her head and she felt terrible pain. She did not know what had happened next but when she opened her eyes, she found herself lying in the wreck of the plane. She felt excruciating pain in her left leg and she realized that it was crushed by one of seats. Barbara looked around and was horrifed at what she saw. There were dead bodies all around. Tom's body was lying few meters away, covered with blood.

"Tom, Tom!!! Wake up! Please, Tom...", screamed Barbara. But Tom did not answered. He was dead. Barbara heard some moans coming from the crushed cockpit. She began to cry and shout "Help!! Help!!!"

Because of the storm, the control tower had lost radio contact with the cockpit and a rescue team could not locate the plane, which had crushed in the middle of a forest. When it was finally located, the rescuers had a lot of difficulties in reaching the wreck. They managed to get to it a few hours after the catastrophe had taken place.

Barbara was exhausted and soon after being found by the rescue tem, she lost her consciousness. She was taken to hospital; it turned out that she had broken left leg, pelvis and three ribs. Barbara had to spend three months in hospital to fully recover physically. However, she never managed to recover mentally. She was the only survivor of the plane crash.