Nowadays, it seems that most human population inhabit big cities. While there are a lot of people who prefers to live in the peaceful country, I think that life in a metropolis is more comfortable.

First of all, big cities offer you a wide range of entertainment. There are many cinemas and you can choose between small and cheap ones and big multiplexes where the quality of sound and vision is excellent. If you do not like watching films, you can go to the theatre, opera house or to one of the museums which every big city has a lot.

When you want to chill out with your friends, there is a variety of pubs, restaurants and cafes where you can meet and chat over a cup of coffe or a glass of wine. You also can practise any sport you would like because every big city has many sports centers with swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and many other facilities.

However, living in a metropolis has some disadvantages as well. Crime rate there is much higher than in the country so it is not safe to walk alone in the streets in the evening. Another disadvantage is that life in a big city is involves stress. Travelling there can be difficult because of traffic jams. Besides, big cities are very noisy and polluted.

Although there are some bad sides of living in a metropolis, in my opinion there are many more good ones. Therefore I am glad that I live in Cracow and I appreciate every advantage of it.