The pace of life is extremely fast in the modern world. We all are so preocuppied with our work and daily problems that we usually forget about rest and relaxation which are necessary for the proper functioning of our organizms. Although stress has become an inseparable element of life nowadays, however we should remember that stress influences our health in a very harmful way.

First of all, it can lead to some psychological problems which occur if a person live under stress for a prolonged period of time. Besides, stress weakens human immunological system and due to this fact, you are more susceptible to illnesses and it is more difficult for your organism to deal with them. In addition, you begin having difficulties with concentration and, in result, you work less efectively. What is more, stress is also very harmful to our heart and it is very often the main cause of heart attacks.

Since living under stress leads to many serious problems, we should do our best to eliminate stressful situations from our life. If you suffer from stress, however, you should try to alleviate it, depending on its sources. When stress results from some private problems, it is a good idea to talk about it with your family or friends; sometimes the fact that you can share your problems can help you a lot. Moreover, if stress is connected with your work, you should make use of weekends to relax and to get enough sleep. Proper eating is also crucial; if you include more fruit and vegetables into your daily diet, your organism will become more reisistant to stress and try not to drink too much tea or coffee. The best way to deal with stress is to socialize with your friends and to do things that you enjoy. If you have any hobby, it can become an excellent weapon against stress.

There are amny means of dealing with stress, depending on your character and personality. The most important thing is to treat stress as our enemy and not to allow it to become a part of our everyday life.