What kind of features of Polish nation was so praised during World War II by Winston Churchill? Are we till today said to the great nation? I strongly doubt. However, we have many positive features such as our well-known Polish hospitality, patriotism or generosity, we have also a lot of negative ones. We are said to lack of optimism. We are perceived as gloomy, unfriendly and unenthusiastic nation. Polish people don't smile very often, are rude and have too less confidence in our skills and abilities. In the Western countries, especially in the United States there is a kind of standard, which is preferred everywhere. I mean their watchword: "keep smiling" no matter what happens. In Poland the situation is different. We are fatalists and most of us complain and grouch. In addition, we are thought to have any initiates and to be un-enterprising. We prefer sit and wait for instructions rather than doing something important. What is more, Polish people have a label of "thieves" and "cheats".

Polish vice is also our laziness. We don't feel the personal responsibility and we want to idle the whole time. For Polish nation celebrating and feasting are much important than duties. What is more, we are thought to not be persistent and to be negligent. We often don't fulfill our duties well.

According to the recent survey, most Poles don't know any foreign languages. We can't use a computer or the Internet well. Some of us have problems with using of mobile telephones. We aren't musical and even athletic. The same survey shows that we don't understand simple texts such as instruction for using the household equipment. Most of us don't even understand the information and communications presenting in TV news.

Summing up, it seems to me that our ignorance and the lack of skills and proper knowledge reduce Polish opportunities for rapid economic growth and effective production. If we even don't try to change our mentality and reduce some national vices, we will be lagging behind other civilization countries.