To start with, the definition of stereotypes sais that it is some kind of belief about different behaviours of people or nations. There are a lot of stereotypes mainly of nations. For example we can say that Gypsies are thieves, German people like drinking beer and sausages, French people are very fashionable, etc. Of course not all of the stereotypes are true and many of them are not real and may be very offensive. Those believes are the result of gathering the experiences by a large number of people from one country about people from the other countries. Most of the stereotypes are based on one's experiences which could be very good or very bad. So, we should be very careful before we start to judge other nations or people because very often the stereotypes are absolutely different. Lets look at the polish nation stereotype. We are said to be hospitable and kind. When we talk about polish person it is clear that she or he is a catholik who goes to church every Sunday. In free time polish person drinks a lot of vodka. We are very brave as the nation and we are great patriots but we quarrel a lot and we cannot build our country properly. We are good workers especially abroad but we are also thieves and we mainly steal cars forom Germany. This is how our polish stereotype looks like. Unfortuantelly I cannot agree with everything what is said about polish people. It is sad that the stereotypes are deep - rooted in the general view and that they are very hard to be changed. On the other hand it is good to know the customs of other countries but we should not listen to the all stereotypes and try to create as positive view of our country as possible.