Learning foreign languages

Learning foreign languages can be very useful in men's life. People learn languages because they want to make contact with new people in foreign countries. They also want to be more self-confident when they are abroad. It is very important to know how to ask what direction you should go or simply where you are at the moment. Besides when you know foreign languages you can find out something new about customs and traditions of foreign countries.

People who know many languages expect to find a better job. And it is true, because there are a lot of professions where you simply have to know foreign languages. For example journalists and diplomats must know languages to be able to take part in conversations and to exchange point of view, or for example scientists, they should know foreign languages to follow the latest news in many fields of science.

Some people learn foreign languages because they are forced to do that if they want to pass their exams. But I must also say that there are a lot of people who do that because they like learning languages. They do that just for themselves and that is their hobby. They also learn languages because they want to read foreign books in original or to communicate throw the internet with their friends abroad.

I think that the most popular language is English. It is called "lingua franca". People use it to make deal all over the world and it is also the language of a pop-culture. Many singers think that it sounds better then their own languages.

I must say that if we want to understand a modern world we should learn foreign languages, especially English.