Once Mary, Tom and Jack went into the forest for their first independent trip. Mary was 14 and she had never before been in the forest without her parents. Tom was also 14 and everyone thought that he was a very brave and self-consident boy. Jack was 15 and he was a happy kid. They had been friends since they have born.

They were preparing for this trip for a long time. Everyone was exited. They met at Mary`s house and they went into the forest. Their parents gave them a lot of food and a lot of different things. The weather was sunny and excellent for a trip. The kids had a wonderful time. They were searching for a treasure as Robin Hood.

Suddenly they heard a noise behind the trees. Mary was scared, but the boys were leughing. They told her that it probably was a rabbit. But Mary wasn`t calm. She was looking around her all the time. The boys were digging holes and looking for a treasure. They had already eaten all food.

When they realised taht they had no food, they decided to come back home. But Jack screamed that had he found something. It was a treasure. But somebody came out of the trees and started screaming. They were scared. But it was only a scared rabbit. They took the treasure, a box with a lot of money. And they bought for it a lot of candies. They`ll never forget this trip.