It was a cold winter evening. Anastacia was sitting in her kitchen and baking gingerbread when she heard strange noise. It sounded as if something hit her roof. She walked out the house and saw the man laying in a snowdrift. He wore funny red coat and for that moment he was unconcious. Although it required a lot of strength, Anastacia took him to the house.

After a while, the man woke up. 

'Who are you' Anastacia asked.

'Umm... I don't remember... Where am I?'

Anastacia grinned. She liked the handsome young man, despite his funny clothes.

'In a safe place. I'll take care of you.'

And mysterious man stayed in Anastacia's house. They did together many things: baked gingerbreads, made ornaments for Christmas tree, sang carols and many, many others.

Two weeks went past and the Christmas Eve approached. Gerard (it was the new name of Anastacia's guest) was hanging mistletoe under the ceiling when he fell from the ladder.

'Are you OK, Gerard?' asked Anastacia.

'Yeah... But I'm not Gerard. Now I remember. I'm Saint Nicholas.'


'Yes, I'm Santa Claus. But I hate this job. Imagine, all those noisy and naughty kids sitting on your knees and begging for gifts cost thousand of dollars!'

'And what will you do?'

'Umm... Anastacia... Will you marry me?'

'Of course, Nicholas.'

'No. Not "Nicholas". I'm Gerard and I quit that stupid job with children. Their parents may give them gifts, if they want.'

And they lived long and happily ever after and didn't have any children.